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September 2016
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Welcome to Phoenix College Online


Welcome to our digital campus! Here you may view schedules and register for classes. Once signed up for a class, you are able to view more information and you will be able to see the start date for each class. Once the start date becomes closer, your class’s professor will notify you via email further instructions on how to properly access and complete the course. For questions on classes or class schedules please email

How Our College Works Better for Students

By Phoenix College Online having an online platform, we are able to save a significant amount of money in overhead and apply this precious resource back into our students’ higher education. It has allowed us to achieve above national average results for both student retention rates along with aggregate academic grades. Both achievements helped make Phoenix College Online the #1 fastest growing online institute in Arizona.

*A variety of lecture formats. Online classes are usually undertaken at the option and discretion of the teacher. Most of the teachers present their lectures in Power point accompanied with a voice-over.  Other options include a complete video lectures or by audio.

*Assignments are given in various manners.  Generally, written exercises that can be uploaded quickly into the class system or via electronic messages directly to the teacher are the common assignments.  Supplementary to the material are the additional digital books available online.

*Distance-study class examinations are always facilitated by a time pressure format.  Fill in the blanks, definition of terms, multiple choices, and essays and so on. Test results are returned at the quickest time except for essays because it has to be checked individually.

*Interaction of students is highly encouraged on online classes due to smaller number of population in the class. It is also motivated so they could create an environment like a normal classroom discussion setting. Part of the interaction is getting-to-know each other and discussion of course topics in the interactive message boards.

*Utilization of the blackboard system where it allows the integration of everything about the online class it offers.  In this system there are various activities you can do for example, to review your scores and the equivalent grades, assignments that were completed or to email other students.

*Technical requirements like computer gadgets, software and applications and a reliable internet connection are basically what you need to start up online learning. Know-how on troubleshooting, uploading and downloading  stuff and the likes are initial requirement skills.